HERO is a climate tech startup on a mission to empower people to accelerate change in the world.

We build solutions at the intersection of tech and communications to bring people together to take effective action on policy.

It’s time to reshape the future.

We have 7 years, according to scientists and the UN, to keep global temperature below the 1.5 degree threshold.

On one hand, climate mobilizers have proven to have an outsize impact on climate policy, but don't have enough financial resources to focus full time on their work

On the other hand, citizens around the world want to do more for climate and are ready to take meaningful action, but don’t always know how.

HERO connects you to circles of mobilizers at the forefront of climate action, so that you can not only fund their work but engage in their journey to write the next decisive moments in history.

This is the time for everyone to get involved.
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climate mobilizers have one of the most important jobs of our time.

HERO is the first subscription-based platform providing a stable income for circles of mobilizers on the frontline of climate action.
HERO Circles are bridging the gap between citizens and governments to ensure that efficient climate policies are passed into law to reach the targets established in the Paris Agreement.
The focus of their work ranges from stopping fossil fuel extraction to securing loss and damage funds for the countries most affected by climate change.
Our mission is to fund 10 000 mobilizers around the world in the next 5 years so that they focus full time on what we consider to be one of the most important jobs of our time.
Join us in reshaping the future.
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our pledge
to give 100% back
for climate action.

We commit to the world, our community of mobilizers and supporters to give back 100% of our founder’s capital gains and dividends through HERO | ORG to support the next generation of climate leaders and the people most affected by the effects of climate change.
This is our pledge to reshape the future.

Mauricio Porras,
Sylvain Ferriere,
Mohamed Mnif.

HERO Founders


Sylvain Ferrière, Founder
Sylvain Ferrière
Funding & Operations
Boston Consulting Group. CIO of Yunus Social Business Fund. General Manager of Tramando (Social Enterprise). Founder and President of Campus de l'Inclusion. Co-Founder Zero Poverty Ventures.
Mauricio Porras, Founder
Mauricio Porras
Mobilization & Communications
Social entrepreneur, innovator and movement strategist. Founder and CEO of YOU (Social and Climate Action Lab). Political Advisor. 10+ years supporting mobilizers worldwide. Host of the HERO Podcast series.
Mohamed Mnif, Founder
Mohamed Mnif
Technology & Community
Founder of multiple Web3 companies, including Dar Blockchain and Lightency. CELO Ambassador. Senior Fraud Investigator, EY Paris


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